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With 3 representatives covering 8 states across the Inter-Mountain West, we can provide you with what you need, quickly. Use this form to get in touch with our main office, or click on the Regional representatives' names to email them directly:

Regional Representatives:

Southern Colorado:

Dave Hurlbut
tel.  303.257.7796

Northern Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Northern Nevada, and Idaho:

Brian Everhart
tel.  408.219.2682

Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Southern Nevada:

Toby Tabor
tel.  602.672.9362


Sales Support: 

Jeri Tucker 
tel. 303.279.7796

Heather Kingston
tel. 303.279.7797


Main Office:

J.F. Hurlbut Company
622 Gardenia Court
Golden, CO 80401-4545

tel. 303.279.7796
toll-free 800.279.7796
fax. 303.278.9909


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